Failure To Signal - Improper Turn Signal Tickets

Many accidents involve drivers that fail to signal or turn improperly.  In fact, it has been estimated that nearly half of all drivers fail to use their turn signals, and that this leads to approximately 2 million accidents a year.  Thus, it is not surprising that failing to signal, and improper turn violations are treated seriously in New York.

No signal, and improper turn violations are governed by Article 28 of the New York Vehicle and Traffic Law.  Article 28 contains numerous violations including violations for:

  • Improper right turn at intersections (VTL 1160(a))
  • Improper left turn on two-way roadway (VTL 1160(b))
  • Improper left turn on one-way roadway (VTL 1160(c))
  • Failure to turn as required by signs (VTL 1160(d))
  • Improper U turn (VTL 1160(e))
  • Improper U turn at turn or grade (VTL 1161(a))
  • Improper U turn within school zone (VTL 1161(b)) 
  • Unsafe start of a parked vehicle (VTL 1162)
  • Improper or unsafe turn/without signal (VTL 1163(a))
  • Failure to signal for a turn - insufficient notice (VTL 1163(b))
  • Failure to signal stopping - decreasing speed (VTL 1163(c))
  • Improper/no signal turn, lane change, start (VTL 1163(d))
  • Improper/failure to use a four way flasher (VTL 1163(e))
  • No signal lamps - certain vehicles (VTL 1164(a))
  • Failure to use signal lamps - certain vehicles (VTL 1164(b))
  • Improper hand signals (VTL 1165)
  • Improper right turn into alley, driveway, or private road (VTL 1166(a))
  • Improper left turn into alley, driveway, or private road (VTL 1166(a) or (b))

The above are 2 point violations, with the exception of VTL 1164(a) which accrues no points to your driving record.  Your license will be suspended if you accrue 11 or more points in any 18 month period.  The fine if convicted of any of the above violations is up to $150 for a first conviction, up to $300 for a second conviction within 18 months of the first, and up to $450 for a third conviction in 18 months.  In addition, each conviction includes a $93 surcharge.

Contact A Failure To Signal Or Improper Turn Ticket Attorney

Contact the Shelton Law firm if you receive a ticket for failing to signal or turning improperly.  The Shelton Law Firm knows how to defend clients charged with these violations.  In most cases, your failing to signal or turning properly ticket attorney can have your appearance waived so that you do not have to show up in court.  In addition, we know how to reduce the points and fines associated with failing to signal and turning improperly tickets and how to avoid an increase in your insurance rate.  Our money back guarantee gives you the confidence and peace of mind to know that your failing to signal or turning improperly ticket lawyer will zealously defend your rights.